Title: 12″ Vinyl split with The Death of Anna Karina

Release date: April 20th 2013 (Record store day)

Format: Vinyl

Labels: Shove records, Blinde proteus, Toloselatrack

Download and streaming


Title: La mano sinistra vinyl version

Release date: June 21st 2012

Format: Vinyl

Labels: Shove records, Desordre Ordonèè, Escapefromtoday, Toloselatrack, 

Title: La mano sinistra

Release date: March 15th 2012

Format: CD

Labels: Shove records, Toloselatrack, 

USA Distribution: Plan-it-x records


Title: Lepers productiond 50th release compilation. Far away (Frogwomen cover)

Release date: October 2011

Format: Free digital download/Cd-r

Labels:  Lepers productions

Title: Self titled

Release date: March 2010

Format: 500 copies on 12″ black vinyl

Labels: TDD records, Shove recs, Arctic Radar; Que suerte!